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Heat Your Pool with an Outdoor Wood Burning Pool or Hot Tub Heater AND driveway heater

Safe, efficient and inexpensive Pool Heater!


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Get a
Nature's Comfort Boiler or Hyprotherm
Wood Burning Swimming Pool Heater for

as little as $4985
for the Hyprotherm 85!


The NCB-120 (below) is $5280


It will also heat up to a 3,000 sq. ft. shop in PA
during the winter, when you are not using your pool!

Do you want an outdoor wood burner to heat a pool?

Now you can heat your pool inexpensively with an outdoor wood burning furnace pool heater.

Have you seen Propane prices for heating a pool? Hundreds of dollars a month! Most people use it the first year and then decide that heating a pool is too expensive and the pool heater never gets used again.

We have the outdoor wood burner that YOU NEED to heat a pool, or hot tub and them let it heat your walkway or driveway, in the winter to keep it ice free!!

Our wood fired pool heater / driveway heater will do the job and do it much better, faster and for much less money than a propane (or other) unit. It will also heat your domestic hot water at the same time - saving another $30-60 a month more!

You can also heat your garage and shop as well and get free heat year round.


Hooking up a swimming pool to an outdoor wood furnace  

The best way is to use a Pool & Spa Kit: 1 or 3/4 fittings - This kit was designed for Pool and Spa hookups. This will keep your pool water temperature to within 1 degree F.

It is most often used with open and closed loop systems. All fittings seen are included in the kit to simplify the order process and to get those hard to find parts. We only use high quality fittings and parts.

Outdoor wood burning furnace heater kit

The kit includes a thermostat, a transformer, a dry well and a diverter (3-way) valve to run water through the heat exchanger when you need heat and past the heat exchanger when you don't need any more heat.

1 Fittings $239!

You will also need a stainless steel shell & tube pool heat exchanger because most pools have chlorine in them. Pool heat exchangers are priced from $165 for a 7,300 gallon chlorinated pool. Higher pool capacities will require a bigger heat exchanger.

Salt water pools require different heat exchanger!

Pool heat exchanger

If you have a salt water pool, you will need a Titanium Pool Heat Exchanger (above).  

Buy your Pool Heat Exchanger at this link.


Salt water pools will destroy a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger in short order.

Due to the increasing popularity of salt water pools we have developed the CN series heat exchanger which can withstand the corrosive effects of salt water. The CN series heat exchangers are constructed of corrosion resistant cupro-nickel tubes and bronze end covers and are therefore suitable for salt water pools and spas.

These units are easy to maintain as both the end covers and tube stack can be removed easily for cleaning. CN series pool heat exchangers are the only swimming pool units with this feature.

These Titaniumpool heat exchangers are priced from $474 for a 210,000 Btu heat exchanger.

Features and Advantages:

Shell made of titanium

Perfect solution for saltwater swimming pools

Manufactured with titanium tubes to ensure corrosion resistance to salt water and longer equipment life.

Nominal heating capacities up to 1,000,000 btu/hr for pool applications

Eliminates the need for external bypass as the whole pool flow goes through the heat exchanger

Due to the high flow rates through the heat exchangers, they are inherently self cleaning


Pool Spa Heater Heat Exchanger Diagram

CLICK on Diagram for a LARGER IMAGE


To purchase the Nature's Comfort Outdoor Furnace,
please call us at 828-683-8055.

To purchase the pasts needed,
including an automatic pool kit
or pool heat exchanger,
please call Ted at 828-687-4074.

There is no Sales Tax on parts


We are normally here 9 AM - 9 PM ET - Monday to Sat.,
except Tuesday and Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM ET. 

You can reach us by e-mail at  
or for parts, e-mail Ted at

We can arrange delivery to your door, hassle free and there is NO SALES TAX when the factory ships the furnace to you (unless you are in Arkansas).

20 New Colors FREE - to best suit your surroundings!

Shaver Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Colors

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You can have the side, corners and roof in any color or combination you want!


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  • Lower your utility bills! Wood is very cheap or in many cases, FREE! You can eliminate your gas or oil bill simply by using a Nature's Comfort Boiler - Amish MADE Outdoor Wood Furnace.

    Wood hasn't gone up for years and is very plentiful. In many cases our customers have enough wood falling on their property to keep them going for life!

  • Heating with wood outside of the house is CLEANER! No more smoke, ashes, bark, bugs, log piles and trash in the house. Instead of moving the wood and mess indoors, the boiler is outdoors - next to the wood. 

  • Heat your hot water with your Nature's Comfort Boiler - Amish MADE Outdoor Wood Furnace.  Furnace. Many people save $30-60 a month on this feature alone! It takes care of all your domestic hot water needs; the element in your hot water heater need never come on. 

  • Safety. Our furnace is made to be situated in the yard, away from the house. The usual distance is 50 to 100 feet. Outdoor furnaces remove the dangers of wood stove fires in the house. Any fire department that compares the safety of indoor units versus outdoor ones will have to admit that outdoor furnaces are the winners; this safety feature is usually reflected in lower insurance rates. 

    With less electronics and fans on the outside of our furnaces, our unit is simpler and safer.

  • One furnace can heat multiple buildings; there is no need to purchase a heat source for each. Simply run an extra PEX pipe to the area you want to heat - even garages without an existing furnace!

  • Residential and commercial buildings, motels, factories, restaurants can all be heated easily with our furnaces. 

    Simple, clean and efficient, one unit can heat your shop, garage, swimming pool, hot tub, greenhouse or factory.*


Nature's Comfort Boiler - Amish MADE and HyProTHerm

Get the BEST Outdoor Wood Burning Pool Heater Made!

Get one to Heat Your Pool Today!

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