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Nature's Comfort Boilers are
Made by the AMISH

Nature's Comfort Boilers - made by the AMISH

We now carry 8 different sizes of wood furnaces. Choose from many different COLORS with 1000s of different color combinations!

Not for sale in the sate of NY.

However, you may be able to take advantage of the less expensive ($2000+ less) and simpler furnaces that can burn COAL and are built without electronics and circuit boards in other states!

Check with your local code enforcement office!


We now carry 5 sizes of COAL burning furnaces. These models are specifically designed to burn coal. With the fan feeding oxygen in from the bottom, the coal burns easily. Simply but a wood furnace model (above) and add an optional shaker grate to help get rid of the clinkers.


Nature's Comfort Wood Furnace NCB-80 
Out of Stock $3480

Nature's Comfort NCB-120 Wood Boiler
$5280 Wood/Coal $5980

Nature's Comfort NCB-175 Wood Boiler

$5280 Wood/Coal $6580

Nature's Comfort NCB-250 Wood Boiler

$5280 Wood/Coal $7580

Nature's Comfort NCB-275G
Gasification Boiler

$5280 Wood/Coal $8480

Nature's Comfort NCB-325G
Gasification Boiler

$5280 Wood/Coal $9080

Nature's Comfort Wood Furnace NCB-400G Gasification Boiler
$8980 wood only

EIGHT WOOD FIRED FURNACE SIZES for up to 12,000 square feet or more!

COAL Furnaces for sale in 5 different sizes and prices.

These are specially designed furnaces, designed with a
shaker grate to
burn coal easily and efficiently.


Shaver Outside Wood Burning Furnace Warranty

Most warranties
only cover parts. 
(It's easy to ship you a
piece of metal and
tell you to weld it in)

Ours covers Parts
AND Labor for
(10 yr. on water jacket) and it's an ON-SITE warranty, meaning that you don't have to ship the furnace back to us to be repaired, like most manufacturers require!

Did you know that
when you ship the
furnace back to them, you have to pay shipping?


WE come to YOUR home to do any major repair!

HyProTherm Boilers

165 Wood $5377
165 Coal $5797

250 Wood $6277
250 Coal $5797

290 Wood $6627
290 Coal $7097

340 Wood $7277
340 Coal $7897


TW1000 $4397
TW2000 $5047
TW3000 $5477
TW4000 $6947

Top Loader Log Burners

316: $9264
450: $12,325
1350: $21,227


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Stainless Steel vs. Mild Steel in an Outdoor Wood Furnace 

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Loacally Serving Southern VA, GA, Eastern TN, NC, and SC PLUS all of the other US states and Canada!

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Our Canadian outdoor wood furnace website is at  http://www.outdoorwoodfurnace.ca/

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Shop your way to popular wood furnace types from top manufacturing brands in the industry.

Modified 12-14-2016

Our standard furnace (the 165) easily will heat over 4,000 sq feet
including all buildings, well insulated - plus hot water.

In Southern climates like NC, SC, GA, TN, it can easily heat 5,000 sq. ft
and still only have to load it once in the morning and once in the evening, at the most.


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