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Nature's Comfort Wood Furnace NCB-120

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EPA Phase II Qualified GT-6000 Downdraft Gasification Wood Boiler

Nature's Comfort Boiler NCB-120

These have black fronts now, so that they don't show up the smoke stains!

Wood Boiler


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NCB-120-COAL Outdoor Coal Boiler

Price $5,980

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NCB-120 Specifications

Nature's Comfort
NCB-120 Firebox


Pictures of Outdoor Coal Boiler  NCB-120-COAL

Coal Shaker Bottom Grate






We actually had not been heating our 2nd floor bedrooms in the old part of the house earlier this winter due to the cold winter and L.P. prices (and lack of insulation).

 Now that our GT-6000 is installed, not only is our basement floor and garage heated, but our 2nd floor bedrooms are heated as well……just in time for our little boy from the foster system to move into his bedroom!

God’s timing is perfect!

Your boiler allowed us to install a heat exchanger on both furnaces (old and new parts of the house), hook up the floor heat in the basement and garage, and heat our domestic water as well.

We are very pleased!

Also, a bit on the techno-geeky side, we have 2 wifi thermostats installed as well as a wifi boiler temp sensor, so I can keep tabs on the system from my iPhone.