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To enquire about any of our Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces,
please call 828-683-8055, 6 days a week; 9am - 9pm ET.


5/30/11: IN, NH, NY, MD, PA, OR, WA and VT no longer permit outdoor wood burning furnaces, that are not EPA approved. 

1/1/16: There is NO STATE on the country that will allow any outdoor wood burning furnace for residential use!

WE HAVE a new EPA certified and qualified furnace; White Tag Boiler available now!

 you may be able to take advantage of the
less expensive ($2000+ less) and simpler furnaces that can burn COAL and are
built without electronics and circuit boards!
Check with your local code enforcement office!

You may be able to purchase a coal furnace that does not have to be EPA approved. As far as we can tell, they are okay except in NY and other states where state law supersedes Federal law!

Please consider this simple and inexpensive
EPA Certified wood burning stove now - below:


We have an outdoor wood burning furnace that has just completed and exceeded the EPA standards for Phase 2 qualifications and received White Tag certification.


Check iy out now and see how much YOU CAN SAVE!



Just $8980;
thousands less than competitors'!



Ben: 828-683-8055
9am -9pm 6 days









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